Homeschool 6-8

Spring 2021 Series: Animal Careers 101

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a veterinarian? What about a zookeeper? Veterinarians and zookeepers both have very important and rewarding jobs working with animals.  This class series, we will spend 4 classes learning about the daily tasks of being a vet, and then we will spend 4 classes learning about the roles and responsibilities of zookeepers. Throughout the Spring, this STEM focused homeschoolers class series will inspire students to get excited about animal conservation careers through animal encounters, games, crafts, and more! Classes will be held every other Wednesday of each month during February-May. Students will be grouped by age group. Ages 6-8 will be together, and ages 9-12 will be together.


  • Part 1: Veterinary Medicine
    • Wednesday, 2/17 
    • Wednesday, 3/3
    • Wednesday, 3/17
    • Wednesday, 3/31
  • Part 2: Zookeeping
    • Wednesday, 4/7
    • Wednesday, 4/21
    • Wednesday, 5/5
    • Wednesday, 5/19

Time: 2-4 pm 

 Age: 6-8 years old


  • Register for Animal Care 101: Veterinary Medicine OR Animal Care 101: Zookeeping $50/non-member, $45/member 
  • Registration for additional siblings is $45/non-member, $40/member

*Masks and social distancing required at all times during classes.